My 2002. It's incredibly cute. It's called Amadeus. The picture above has been mildly photoshopped, just so that I could see what I wanted to fix. In actual fact, that silver strip on the door is missing, the black one above it is chipped in places so that the silver shines through, the front signal light is broken, and the front wheel is discoloured. The silver strip on the other side is missing, too, and there's some minor rust under the paint. But given the state of some of the 2002s I've seen out there, this isn't bad.
As far as I know, the only technical problem is with the electrical system, which should be easily fixed. The whole engine needs to be examined, of course, to make it as reliable as a new car. Which can certainly be done. This is a BMW, after all. The very finest.

Brand new, my BMW should look something like this.

So here's what I'm planning to do:


I'd like to replace the tan interior with something in soft grey.. I've become fond of the grey and black interior of the Tiburon.

The dash lights need to be replaced. They're dim.. hard to read.

Four more speakers. When I acquired the car it had just the one central speaker, and the original radio/tapedeck that didn't really work. I replaced it with two speakers, mounted on the sides of the central console. Six speakers in that little car would rock. :)

MP3 player. I had an El-Kamelion CD player, but the car was left unlocked (not by me), and it was stolen. So a nice MP3 player would be good.

Misc interior repairs.. the dash needs some fixing up, I need a new shifter knob, that sort of thing.

Power locks and power windows

An alarm. Preferably one with a starter kill. I don't think that anyone would want to steal a '76 2002, but you never know.


Obviously, remove the rust and get a new paint job, though I like the amazon green, so I'll keep it the same colour.

There's some very minor body damage at the front end. A bit of a dent that affects both the hood and the body itself. The hood I can replace. The body needs a bit of work, but it shouldn't be expensive.

The silver strips on the doors need to be replaced.

The black strip needs to be repainted, but is otherwise fine.

Headlights need to be replaced with something bright white.

That front bumper needs to be fixed.

The front grille needs to be replaced.

Round wing mirrors

That's about it, as far as I can tell. It looks like a lot, but it's really not. The power windows and locks are one operation, the speakers, stereo, and alarm are another. The paintjob, rust, bodywork, new hood, bumper, and door strips are one trip to the body shop. The only other major job should be replacing the seats and things, assuming that I decide to actually do that. I'll keep this page up to date as I work on the renovation of the car. I'll also get some more pictures on this site of the inside and outside of the car.
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