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speaking of scams...
Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

The Age Australian news.
15 October 2002 : 09.44
I've said before that if the terrorist attacks of 11 September had happened to any other country, america wouldn't have noticed, and americans wouldn't care, and I've been sent hatemail saying that america cares about other countries, and that america would definitely take notice of terrorist attacks or other tragedies in other countries. I think the point has been made.

Get down! get UP! Get down with Spiderman, Voltron.. uh.. Sinbad.. and a ballerina.
12 October 2002 : 13.24
A little while ago I posted a link to a story about how "The African and African Descendants World Conference Against Racism" people kicked all non-black people out of the assembly. Today, they've come out and said that "white people" should help pay off the debt that their little conference ran up. So, kick them out, and then send them the bill.
You know, like most people today, I abhor racism. It's stupid, it's pointless, it's offensive, and it just makes no sense. These people, the ones who operate this conference against racism feel that the local white businesses could show their support for the black people of the world by making this kind of gesture. By paying for the conference against racism. The one where they kicked out everyone who wasn't black. That's everyone. That's people of all non-black races who came from all over the world to show their support for the fight against racism. They didn't say "local businesses," they said " local, white-owned businesses."
I support the fight against racism, and I think that, at this point, the people who operate this conference should be encouraged, liberally encouraged, to fuck the hell off. It stopped being a conference on the abolition of racism when they themselves discriminated against the non-black people by kicking them out. So fine. You want your own little racist clubhouse, that's great. Pay your own fucking bills.
Please, stop playing the victim here. "Your great-grandfather kept my great-grandfather as a slave!" Ok, so I'm sorry. What the fuck more do you want? You weren't a slave, I wasn't an oppressor. I've never made a racist remark, never committed a racist act.. to be honest, I don't even notice race when I talk to people. (Now that I think about it, a good friend of mine is Chinese. Another is half-Chinese, and another half-Hispanic and half Japanese, and another is completely Japanese. Does it matter?) But if I'd come out to show my support at "The African and African Descendants World Conference Against Racism" I'd have been thrown out. Why? Because of the colour of my skin. I can't change what my ancestors did any more than you can. Maybe my ancestors did keep slaves.. I don't know. Does it matter? I mean, does it really matter here and now, when all of that has come to an end? Will continuing the racism make it better?
Ooo.. am I racist for saying this kind of thing? For saying things like "Stop fucking whining!" and "Enough with the double standard!" and "Whites are people too!" Because that seems to be the attitude these days. White people are oppressors and racists by default.
"Ok, so here I am, white guy ready to fight the fight against racism!" "That's great. Get out." "um.. ok. You mean, like, get out all my aggresssion against racis-" "No, you don't have black skin, so you're going to have to leave. You racist."

Let's be realistic here. By doing stupid things like this, by creating racist barriers where there are none, they're causing resentment. Do black people like racism? What makes them think that anyone else does? Do the people who continue the traditions of discrimination and hate think that they're actually doing anyone any favours?

Equal rights, here. Let's stop the discrimination and realise that black people can be racist pigs just like anyone else.

Mmm.. chocolate-dipped soft serve ice cream. :)
That's in no way relevent to my little rant here, despite the brown-ness of the chocolate and the whiteness of the ice cream. I just think it's yummy.

Look Zippy! I'm a ninja!
12 October 2002 : 00.07
Everybody wants you, everybody loves you.../
Gah. Tabernac. The city worker people have removed the streetlight on the corner of my road. That makes it a lot harder to find my house, though, since I've never really paid attention to the other features of the corner. Consequently, I missed my turn and eventually found myself in my old neighbourhood. Wow.. my old school. My old house. The bastards who live there now have cut down all of the lovely hedge that used to live in front of the house. The trees in the back seem to be ok, though. They've turned the garage into a living room. What a tragedy.. there used to be this really cool glass garage door there. I drove around the trailer park that surrounds the house, too. It's not what you would expect when I say "trailer park." It's a retirement place, so lots of old, nice people with money. It's a labyrinth of roads and foot paths.. I used to play around there with my friend Brandy. A wonderful place for games of all kinds. I drove past where her home used to be.. it's gone now. Replaced by some newer, shinier structure with plastic geese in the window. What kind of a sick creature puts plastic geese in the window of their home? Well, anyway, I drove slowly past all of the places we used to hide. There was one place, behind the laundry building, that was our favourite, but the whole building has been replaced now. Not surprising, really. It's been so many years since was there. I wonder where Brandy is now... I'll probably never find her of course, but it would be nice to know she's ok.
I know i should tell you how i feel.. I wish everyone would disappear.. Every time time you call me, I'm too scared to be me and I'm too shy to say../
I drove past the house of my first real girlfriend, too. The first one who was actually an official girlfriend, that is. Title and everything, you know. Her name was Diana. The house is still there, of course, but it's quite different now. I have no idea whether her family still lives there.
heh, now there was something I screwed up. Highskewl relationships are unstable things at the best of times, but I ended up in the hospital for menengitis part way in, and when I came out I had sort of lost interest in her. A shame, really. She was a sweet girl. She wrote me a thousand notes, all folded into little triangles with the kind of complexity that only highschool girls can manage. I still have them, somewhere. Can't help but wonder what she's doing now, too.
You know, I'm the one that you can talk to.. sometimes you tell me things that i don't want to know.. I just want to hold you../
I drove past other places, too. Houses that used to hold old friends, where old memories still linger. Old memories never seem to fade.. they just cling to places, things.. it's amazing how many things come back to you when you look at an old picture, or try on an old jacket that's far too small for you, or gaze out of your car window through the rain at somewhere you used to know. And even when they change houses, places.. everything remains, in some small way, the same.
You say exactly how you feel about her... I wonder, could you ever think of me that way?/
Funny, so much contemplation brought about, essentially, by some pillock removing my streetlight. Which reminds me, some guy in a Beemer tried to cut me off today, but I accelerated and pushed him back into his own damned lane. And then I opened my window and shouted into his window "Just because you're driving a Beemer, you're no less of a fucking assweasel!"
Mostly just because I don't get a chance to say "assweasel" very often. I wasn't actually mad.
I wish I could tell somebody.. but there's no one to talk to, nobody knows I've got a crush on you../

Curious George.. the curious little yankee...
11 October 2002 : 01.01
"Fool me once.. shame.. shame on you."
america, wake up. You've got fucking Roscoe P. Coltrane for a leader.
"... shame on you." Jesus.. his handler should be fired. I've seen better trained animals on movie sets.

On a slightly more serious, and scary, note, read this quote:
"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

Sound familiar? Check out who said it: -- Hermann Goering - Nazi Reichsmarshall and Luftwaffe-Chief - at the Nuremberg trials (for the americans in the audience, that means that he was a Nazi. They were the bad guys in world war 2. Um.. Indiana Jones fought them a lot.)

07 October 2002 : 18.33
So the Queen's in town. As my (gay, so no flames) friend Kurt says, "Just what Vancouver needs; another queen."
heh, I think it's cool that we have a Queen. People grouch about her, but she's a figurehead, a personification of the nations she rules, and the governments thereof, and I think it's good that we have that kind of history and tradition. She doesn't actually have any power, much like the US president, so there's no risk of dictatorship. She's just a lady who represents our history, the things that made us what we are today. It would be such a shame to lose her.

I can't believe I have to defend the Queen. But that's ok.. 61% of Canadians feel that the Queen should be more respected and more a part of life, not less. And that's good. I think people in BC are just spoilt. They just like to complain. :)

I watched Relic Hunter today. Not on purpose.. I was watching Forever Knight, since I hadn't actually seen an entire episode, but by the time I got to the end, Tabitha had taken up residence on me, and I didn't have the heart to move her.
Wow, Relic Hunter is lame. I mean, certainly no more lame than the other pop-tv programmes of the sort.. Sheena, Beastmaster, Lost World, etc etc, but it still sucks. If it weren't for the fact that Tia is in it...

mmm.. Tia...


sorry, what was I saying?

Got email from the freaky ex-girlfriend's mother. She's so nice :) Which, for some reason, reminds me that I found a page devoted to panto!

I've been reading Exploitation Now. Not for the faint of heart, but I like it. I just wish that Poe hadn't ended at that particular point. I want more story!


Tonight, I will go and eat sushi. And woe betide any who stands in my way! Hey, Tabitha's 20 this year. Wow.

Sean Connery says...
05 October 2002 : 16.42
Saw Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone last night. I expected to be unimpressed. I was impressed. :) It's really good. It's got a lot going for it.. the end was predictable, but it's a children's movie so it doesn't worry me. I need to buy it now. :)

Current fixation: minigolf.

In other news, along the link-farm lines: Yay Vancouver! And again? (notice that the american news site carefully phrases the fact that the top US city was 21st: "London was also rated 44th while Honolulu was the preferred U.S. city in equal 21st place. New York was ranked 52nd."
Along similar lines, the american post-secondary school system sucks.
Maybe that's why so many people are making the move. :) Of course, whether we want them is another question entirely. But most Canadians are more forgiving than I. I'd be happy to take a saw and cut along the border so that america can float away.

I was reading about an international conference on racism. Apparently, the delegates voted to expel all non-black people from the conference. Silly me, I thought the purpose of the conference was to abolish racism. You know, racism. "Discrimination on the basis of race." Like, say, making black people sit at the rear of the bus. Or putting all asians under suspicion during war with Japan. Or expelling people from a meeting based upon the colour of their skin. People who had come to support the fight against racism.
god I hate people.

More happy news: fuck the cancer merchants!

We now return you to the rest of the web.

Equal opportunity.
01 October 2002 : 15.45
I have a headache and my lips are numb. I took my trombone out (yes, in public. No, I didn't get arrested.) and played it for an hour or so. (Ok, so this still sounds suggestive) It's been several years since I actually played with it for any sustained period, but I remember all of the positions (this isn't sounding any better). Anyway, I can still play it, though I don't always get the note I'm aiming for. I'm getting better, though. Not bad for like ten years of not actually playing the thing. My triggerhorn is going to need a bit of work to make it happy, since the slide is kind of stuck, but my tenor is lovely.

Updated Violently Visual with a Way Of The Panto section.

Looking into case-modding. I need to update my case, for it is dull. My power button lights up, though. That counts for something, right? Right? Now I just need a fan that goes wakkachikka wakkachikka"

Speaking of horses, I must get myself a DVD burner. They are cheap now. I'm thinking of the Panasonic DVR A04, even though the price of the HP seems to be coming down daily. I'm going to have to replace the drive when they come out with a faster one, or one that can do dual-layer, so I'm looking for cheap at the moment. Got to get myself a new case, too, and a new processor, hard drives, RAM, mother.. I need a new computer.

Yes, that is a picture of my brother.

Now, I'm going off to watch Transformers. I should probably work on updating more of the site, but I just downloaded the episode with the Insecticons. I mean, come on. Priorities.

Yes, it's a Microsoft Mouse.
30 September 2002: 00.15
Finally broke down and bought an optical mouse. I bought a Microsoft mouse because Microsoft Mousi are the best I've ever used. So there. The mouse is so excellent for web design, what with its two extra buttons. Copy/Paste. :)

I got a callback for the Demon King. We find out this week whether I got it. I'm all anxious and stuff. It will be most spiffy if I do get it.

I've got to start updating this more frequently. I'm falling so behind.

My god I'm tired. There was a party last night. I stayed very late. I am now sleepy. You do care. Yes you do. Shut yer face.

Working on updating Violently Visual so that it's ready for the panto this year. That way I can just post the pictures straight to there.

This appeals to my twisted sense of amusement.

Click for a larger version.
24 September 2002 : 18.29
The Blues Traveler version of Secret Agent Man is really good. I might have mentioned this before. It doesn't make it any less true.

Oo, new thing. Smoked ham sandwiches with enough horseradish to make you weep. MMM MMmm!

Hey, does this look familiar? They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. What's sheer ripoffery, then? Like, right down to the red lines (of which she didn't change the file names) and the coloured link to the Geek Code. I peeked at her source.. uh.. my source, and noticed that she even left in img src tags to images that she didn't.. er.. immitate. Like that big yellow bar over there. I guess she likes me! She really likes me! Hee hee!
Not a big deal. I mean, if I had any doubts about the site, the design and everything, they're allayed. It's good to know that it's appreciated. :)

Oh yeah, I added a nifty Where you are now graphic to the menu at the left there.

Oh, I just realised. I've been doing this for over a year. Woo.
Happy birthday dear Musings page, happy birthday to you./

Click for a larger version.
23 September 2002 : 19.13
Hiya kidlets. I went for my audition last night, for the Demon King in the panto. Yay! I blew through the place, high energy, lots of silliness.. I made the director fall off her chair laughing many times. Well, three. That's many, ok? Anyway, the important thing is that I r0x0r3d their b0x0rZ. :)

In other news, Elizabeth found this on a bus stop in Vancouver, and I think it makes a statement:
We don't need american freaky psychopaths and conspiracy nuts! We've got our own!
:) Anyway, the New World Order movement people started in america. This guy's a nutball.. for one thing, owning a gun isn't a right in Canada. And why should it be? The New World Order people think that gun control is in place so that you can't resist the government's military.
Um, sparky? If other armies can't resist the government's military, you and your rifle aren't going to be able to. I mean, come on. Even if the government did decide to impose martial law like these wackos think they will, and even if every person did have a gun, there'd still be no contest. Honestly, people just don't think.

Added the Thinking Yankees page. It's quite amazing.

A truly proud and noble animal!
16 September 2002 : 13.30
Dance majik dance! Dance majik dance! Jump majik jump! Jump majik jump!/ <= Labyrinth soundtrack. Shut up.

So recently I got two messages about the Friendly Fire article. One was from an american, the other was from some guy named Howard, who was posting from, so presumably was Canadian. The american message gets its own section, and will be up shortly. The Canadian message is posted in Hatemail. Unusual for a Canadian to flame me about bashing the americans, but there you go. Just goes to show that we don't need america! We can produce our own jerks! So there! Mind you, that he's in Canada doesn't make him Canadian. Actually, the message from the american guy did point out that I've only been going on about the obnoxious americans, and that there are, in fact, cool americans. And I don't really mention that. I do tend to go on about the obnoxious ones, but that's because they're the ones you see the most. Well, when the message is posted you'll see what I mean.

Look Ma! I caught a Fwaggle!
15 September 2002 : 23.36
Listening to Fraggle Punk Rock. Woo!

Ok, shut up.
Faceplate finally arrived. Yay! It's been freaking ages since I last had music on the drive to work. YAY! Not to mention that I'll no longer have to drive around with half of my dash on my passenger seat. I shall also prove that Taty is excellent driving music! Oh, they laughed at me! Oh how they laughed! But I shall have the last laugh on them when my experiment is proved a success! Those bungling fools with their narrow minds! What do they know of music? WHAT DO THEY KNOW OF SCIENCE?

Found yet another scooter. This one an 85 Honda Elite. 250ccs of RAW MONKEY POWER!
Scooting. Scooting power. 250ccs of raw scooting power.

Anyway,picture 1, picture 2
Yeah, the windscreen goes away immediately, if I get this thing.

The Few, The Proud, The Incompetent. The american Armed Forces.
14 September 2002: 24.12
Updated Little Mary Jane. Still taking flack. They do get upset when you question them, don't they? I don't understand it. I mean, if I were doing something that was harming me, and I didn't realise it, I would appreciate the person who took the time to point it out to me. Then I could stop.

So the moron yankee pilots who killed four Canadian soldiers have been charged. Wow.. justice after all. Frankly, I'm surprised. Of course, this won't bring back the four men who died through the stupidity of the americans, and I'm sure that it will be of small comfort to their families.

Along similar lines:
Go Chretien!
I'm awfully fond of our Prime Minister. He's an intelligent, compassionate old bugger. I hope that this successor is half as bright. And I wish that stupid people would stop blaming the recession on him. It's a global recession, you stupid monkeys.

Watched Zoolander. It is good. I shall purchase.

Now, I go to bed. For I am tired.

The Two Towers. Yay CSIS!
11 September 2002 : 22.17
So, 11/09/2002. The day that the world in general cried out in one voice: "Will you shut up about terrorism already?!"
jesus. It's been a year. Aren't your arms getting tired from all of the frantic flag waving? A year since america got a bit of a seeing to because it's been going 'round for years and kicking other countries in the teeth. It's just a shame that innocent people had to die. It's even more of a shame that america didn't learn a thing! A sensible country, a sensible government would sit back and think about why people wanted to harm it. But america, no, america goes in and makes the problem worse. Now they're talking about attacking Iraq, thereby turning those countries that were their allies against them. Did you learn nothing from last year? Don't go smacking other countries around just because you can. Do try to figure out why everyone hates you and do something about it. Something non-violent. Can you say that with me?
yeah, didn't think so.
sheesh. A puppy learns faster than this. So the collective american government is less intelligent than a puppy.
There's a surprise.

There were clanking and banging sounds coming from the ceiling of my office today. Since I work in one of a set of twin towers, so naturally I suspected terrorism. "EEK! The terrorists are coming to get me!" I thought. Then I remembered that everyone likes Canada, and felt kinda silly. No one wants to blow us up. All day, people have been making excuses. "You can't fire me. It's September eleventh." and "You can't charge me for the bus. It's September eleventh." and I've been admonishing that if you get angry, the terrorists have won.

Home of the free. Fuck off. "US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies"
Isn't that what the godless, baby-eating communist bastards were doing? Citizens spying on citizens. Sounds pretty free to me. So let's review, shall we? Just the key points. So american government officials can now search and seize without probable cause, jail citizens indefinitely without trial, legal representation, or even charge. They can mount surveillance devices in your home, and prosecute anyone who tells you that they're doing it. They can watch any religious gathering, and given that they're all fundamentalist christians, you know who they'll be watching. They can do all of this while their citizens spy on each other, and all in the name of "freedom."
In other words, america has become a police state. You know, ages ago I suggested, just as an aside, that the War on Terrorism (tm) had come at a very convenient time, given the american government's precarious position in public opinion. I didn't really think that they would be so ruthless as to commit an atrocity like that just to solidify their position, but you know, looking at what they're doing to the country now...
Be careful. The Thought Police will get you. Remember the Inquisition. Remember Nazi Germany. Remember the USSR.

If you have free will, the terrorists have won.

Click for a larger version.
09 September 2002 : 11.59
Today my grandmother is up and about. A good sign indeed, so no worrying.

So the search for the scooter continues, and I've found the Yamaha Beluga. Ok, shut up. It's a stupid name, but a cool little scooter. Unfortunately, the seller assures me that it won't work for my commute. Tabernac. So I'll keep looking.

Listening to Taty. Good good. Songs I've never heard before, like "Robot"
If you haven't heard any Taty, go to They have most of them.

Click for a larger version.
08 September 2002 : 22.27
My grandmother is in intensive care in the hospital. She collapsed.. they don't know why as yet.

for just seventy cents a day..
08 September 2002 : 15.28

In other news, I'm looking into going back to Praying Mantis Kung Fu in the near future. It's about bloody time, too. I'll probably be going with some friends, so it will be more fun than last time. :)

Also, I read this article.. I didn't know meningitis could cause a coma. Makes me look back on my own meningitis experience in a whole new light.

Jane Goodall should study this guy.
07 September 2002 : 18.03
Land of the free, huh?

Overview of Changes to Legal Rights
By The Associated Press

September 5, 2002, 11:44 AM EDT

Some of the fundamental changes to Americans' legal rights by the Bush administration and the USA Patriot Act following the terror attacks:
  • FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigation.
  • FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once-public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public records requests.
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation.
  • RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Government may monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.
  • FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES: Government may search and seize Americans' papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.
  • RIGHT TO A SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL: Government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.
  • RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them.

  • Wow. They're so much better than a dictatorship.

    Bonnie being an alien. Or something. Click for a larger version.
    07 September 2002 : 15.09
    Went to my brother's comedy room the other night for his birthday. Yay! It was so much fun! And there were friends there that I haven't seen for ages. Funny how much can happen when you're not around. My friend Bonnie, who I haven't seen in a while, has been busily acting away. She's apparently been in Stargate SG-1 as some flavour of alien. The picture is her. She appears on dozens of fan sites now.. that must be so odd. I haven't seen her in like seven years. Got to keep in touch this time, though. She's so much fun. :) There were lots of other comics there, too, along with my immediate family and many other friends.

    I gave Simon a kung fu uniform for his birthday. He's a casual practitioner of White Eyebrow kung fu. It's the well-known black uniform with white roll-back cuffs and white collar lining, but it has black frog buttons instead of the more usual white. Looks very nifty. :)

    Apparently, my scooter gang name is "Fluffy"
    No, I don't know why. Fluffy of Los Scooters Bastardos. Yay me!

    For god's sake, let's be more distant from the US. I don't want to associate with them. Icky, self-centred bastards. China built a big wall.. maybe we can do the same with our border and keep the americans out.

    Irma the 26 day old ant-eater. Isn't she the most adorable creature you've ever seen?
    05 September 2002 : 16.32
    The BBC summarises Canada.
    It does the same for yankeeville.

    And speaking of yankeeville, georgie has pulled america out of the Kyoto accord. For those who don't know, the purpose of this accord is to combat the rising global emissions problem and try to save our fragile little planet. Clinton, who is an environmentally-minded person, signed the accord when he was in power. georgie, who is more concerned with money, has refused to participate. He's actually withdrawn Clinton's signature. Another reason to hate the americans, given that they alone are responsible for 25% of the emissions in question. Take some responsibility, for christ's sake. Safeguarding your precious economy at the expense of our atmosphere... is money more important than air? Is america really that incredibly selfish? Apparently. bush says that "cutting emissions is not in the US interest."

    In other news, I found a picture of an absolutely adorable little person. This is Irma, the baby ant-eater. I want to give her a big hug! Shes SO cute!

    I also found a list of the brilliant things that george bush jr. has said over the years. How does this guy dress himself in the mornings? Assuming that he does, of course.

    Click to go to America Held Hostile. Well worth it.
    04 September 2002 : 13.22
    One of the things on which the americans pride themselves is their first amendment. I've even heard americans say that they're better than Canada because Canada doesn't have a first amendment (which has got to be one of the most stupid things I've heard an american say). For those of you who don't know, the first amendment is the one that is supposed to guarantee freedom of speech. Here's the thing, the americans are becoming more and more opposed to this concept. Look here. Poor, deluded fools.

    Now that the War On Terror TM seems to be over, little georgie bush jr.'s popularity is once again in jeopardy. The answer? Start another war. Now they're trying to go after Iraq. The global tide of opinion is turning sharply against them, though. Like, more than it was. america is becoming a scary, war-mongering nation driven by fanatical patriotism. Ok, so it's becoming more of a scary, war-mongering nation driven by fanatical patriotism. The point is that there's no basis for their war on Iraq. The fact is, they're becoming a worry.. they seem to be on a rampage to destroy everything in the world that isn't american, and the people are following blindly where their government leads. They're becoming rather nazi-like, and everyone is becoming genuinely concerned. In spite of UN opposition to the invasion plans, america plans to go ahead with this unjustified invasion. In spite of the fact that the UN opposes the invasion, the americans plan to go ahead anyway. What's the point of a United Nations organisation when the americans ignore it whenever it suits them? They like to think of themselves as the world's policeman, and eventually, the rest of us are really going to get tired of it. We're starting to go that way now. Today, it's Iraq. Tomorrow, maybe China? Russia? Maybe Canada isn't american enough for them. Let's get some sanity, huh? The whole country's gone insane. Let's get that stupid, vicious chimpanzee and his friends out of office and put someone responsible and intelligent in there. Unfortunately, the president has to be american, so responsible and intelligent will be hard to find. I think that Jez should be president. She'd straighten the country out. :) Strong though they may be, I don't think that america can take on the entire world. It's starting to look like they want to try, though.

  • The Guardian
  • Bush meets stiff opposition on Iraq from allies
  • The Observer
  • Invading Iraq, Abandoning america

  • Click for a larger version.
    02 September 2002 : 16.19
    Tonight, I shall eat sushi! Ha HA!

    So I went to A&B Sound today.. it's been ages since my faceplate was stolen, and yet I still haven't any replacement. Argh.. I have to commute for forty minutes each way every day, and I haven't any music with which to do it. It's hell, I tell you! However, A&B Sound still hasn't acquired a replacement faceplate for me, so I went in today to grouch at them. No luck.. going back tomorrow.

    Just saw Shrek. It's wonderful. Very silly.. I recommend it. I know, everyone cares what I think, right? Ok, screw you, hippies.

    Taking flack over the Little Mary Jane page. Apparently, when you're someone's friend, you're not supposed to actually care about them.
    News to me. [shrug]

    Just talked to Kirk about sushi. Not only does this phone work in the house, not only that, but it works in the mostly underground concrete basement! Ha! All you Fido doubters, screw you with a big stick!

    Updated my moi page. You all care.

    The flying yankee rag.
    28 August 2002 : 21.31
    A couple of nifty things: An English cel. phone commercial. Hee hee!
    Evidence that it's not just me. :)
    Ok, three nifty things. A friend of mine from high skewl put together this page.

    27 August 2002 : 21.28
    So, less than an hour afer I posted the "little mary jane" I got this:

    Subject: Little Mary Jane

    I love that page, and really need to show it to some of my friends. Thank you for posting it.

    Click for a larger version.
    27 August 2002 : 16.21
    Listening to swing and slow jazz, and working on the site. Added Little Mary Jane section. Working on a kung fu section, and still working on the ADD section. Honest.

    Savour the flavour of a kitten's purr, just shake shakeshake shakeshake your little love maker./

    Also updated that My Musings banner at the top there.

    The Boisterous Hammergirl, ladies and gentlemen.
    26 August 2002 : 19.12
    It's been a while. I've been sick.. looks like a nasty dose of food poisoning.. again! Gah! This one had nasty fevers, migraine-intensity headaches, and serious stomach pain as well as the usual. It was freaky.. my skin was so sensitive that even light fabric like silk brushing across it gave me a nasty shiver. And oh my god.. I was burning up outside, but inside I felt like I was outside in -50.. that nasty, deeply penetrating cold that won't go away no matter how warmly you're dressed. Meh.. I've spent most of the last week passed out. But here I am again, to delight and amaze with my rapier wit! Heh, ok, so my wit is about this sharp. Shut up. Anyway, I've received various comments about the incident.. one of which was related to the uncookedness of sushi and its relationship to food poisoning, and the other was that I should move to america. Of course, it was cooked food from an american restaurant that caused the problem, so those really aren't solutions, but thanks for playing. Therefore, wigglies, I say unto thee.. don't have the Bread Garden's Smoked Salmon Quiche. Smoking apparently is bad for you. Smoking salmons, anyway. Actually, I've been eating sushi for about eight years, and have never suffered any ill effects from it. So there. And apparently, this isn't the first time there's been a problem with The Bread Garden.

    In other news, I'm finally back to working on the site. I was going to archive The Shadow Chronicles here, with the author's permission, of course, but now he's got his own domain, so I won't bother. I was only about half-way through in formatting, anyway, but it's a shame to waste all of the graphics I've built. Well, maybe I'll archive them here anyway. [shrug] In case you haven't heard of it, Shadow Chronicles is a brilliantly written fanfic set in the Ranma 1/2 universe and then crossing over into a complete rewrite of the Sailor Moon reality, keeping only the characters. I normally don't care for fanfiction, but this is really, really good. It's better than a lot of published work I've read. It's dark, it's grim, very serious, very well developed. I wish he could have it published, but I don't think that the current holders of the Sailor Moon and Ranma properties would like that. Takahashi-sama particularly, since Ranma isn't normally dark. But even ridiculous characters like Kunou become dark and grim. I highly recommend it. Even if you don't know what Ranma is, read.

    Oo, I just got spam for Real american Virgins. You can tell I'm excited.

    . . .

    Not like that, you pig. Anyway, moving right along, there is doubt that the dog gassing video on CNN was real. Read this web site for the points that cast a doubt. Little fellas might not have even been killed. Of course, you can't trust CNN's "impartial" reporting, and is probably full of conspiracy nuts.. I haven't read it other than the dog page, but they make some very good points.

    Yay freedom! Morons.
    17 August 2002 : 13.17
    What was I saying about freedom of/from religion in america? Husbands have the final say in all family disputes? Women working outside the home are in bondage? Raising welts on children doesn't constitute child abuse? I like this one: The ''radical feminist movement has damaged the morale of many women and convinced men to relinquish their biblical authority in the home.''

    Greatest country in the world. Pleeeease. Hmph.

    Click for a larger version.
    16 August 2002 : 13.30
    So on the way to work today, I passed no less than twenty-five cars with american license plates. To our dear american visitors I say this: If america is the greatest country in the world stay there!!

    Mind you, they're spending money here, and that's good. Right now we need all of the money we can get. Largely because american companies are raping and pillaging our economy.

    Which reminds me, Heather the ranting yankee never did come back. I've been told I spanked her too hard. Heather, wherever you are, come back to me! We can make it work!
    I feel so used.

    Ok, so america is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. You hear americans say that all the time. If you're going to make a claim, you have to support it with evidence, right? So let's look at what makes america the greatest country in the world. What have they got that makes them so wonderful?

    • Democracy? That's their favourite thing to talk about, but oh! Wait! Every other first world nation on the planet has that. So that's not it.
    • Freedom? Again, every other first world nation.
    • Ah! Money! No, no, wait.. British pounds are worth twice as much as american dollars.
    • Healthcare! Of course! The government looking after the people, taking care of their medical needs to that.. oh, wait. america doesn't have that.
    • freedom of religion? Actually, america doesn't have this, as george w. bush has shown by proclaiming jesus day (when he was governor) and quoting the bible during his address after 11/9/2001. Therefore, you actually score below the other first world nations on this one.
    • Um, a president? Nope, France has one of those.
    • uh.. the statue of liberty? (I'm grasping at straws here) Nope. France has one of those, too.
    • a big army? Sorry, China's got you beaten there.
    • Public safety? Ha, no, seriously. We've all got you beaten on that one.
    Oh, wait! I've got it! International respect!


    Bahahahaha! Ok, seriously, america's got one thing going for it, and that's economy. Right now, largely as a result of their conveniently well-timed war, america has the strongest economy in the world. Which means money. So while their individual dollar may not be as strong as, say, Britain, they're thinking in terms of quantity rather than quality. So, apparently, what makes a nation great is the sheer amount of money moving around it.
    Really? I always thought that what makes a nation great is the people, the way the government treats the people (in terms of services, rights, and so on), the way in which it interacts with the rest of the world. Those sorts of things make a country great. So let's look at the other nations that are america's peers, and see what they're known for:
    • Canada: everyone likes Canada. The people are polite, they're known the world over for being nice.
    • Britain: known and respected throughout the world. They've got healthcare, too.
    • Germany: high standards of education. Intelligent people, and leaders in industry.
    • Australia: ...
    • Sweden: government programs ensure that they have very high education, many social programs, and a very low unemployment rate
    • Italy: known for their art and culture.
    • France: like Italy but with more garlic.
    • Japan: Known for the incredible things that they produce, for their high standards, for their education
    • China: known for their art and culture, their incredibly long history, their amazing scientific advances, and their revolutionary forward-looking social programs.
    • america: known for having more money than brain cells and a truly massive national ego.
    What more is there to say?

    Click for a larger version.
    12 August 2002 : 16.15
    My beloved Moochie dog, who was my dear friend for 14 years, has died. It was very sudden.. he was fine last night, this morning he was unresponsive when I tried to talk to him, though he did eat two dog treats, and his breathing was laboured. I booked an appointment to take him to the doctor today, and went out to report an incident of animal abuse I discovered last night, and when I got home he was dead. Just minutes before I got home.

    I wish I'd been with him...

    The doctor says that it was probably a heart attack resulting from old age. He was a good age for a Rottweiler/German Shepherd cross. This morning, he did manage to get out onto the deck, which is his favourite place in the world, and spend some time lying in the sun, which he loves to do. Loved to do. So at least I know that he died where he would have wanted to be.

    Goodbye, my dear Moochie.

    No, it's not ham.
    11 August 2002 : 14.09
    So here's an example of the difference between Canada and america, I think. It's just a Starburst commercial. You tell me which is better:
    american commercial
    Canadian commercial

    Yes, you're right. One commercial is lame. The other is directed toward a Canadian audience.

    Click for a larger version.
    10 August 2002 : 23.40
    So, Tatu is good. :) I particularly like this image, with the girls holding hands and walking away. The whole video is quite effective, actually. I like the colours, the contrast between the girls and the other people. The kiss is just right.. not too much in any one shot so the interspersing of the three different sorts of shots works nicely.

    And no, I'm not just saying it because it's about lesbians in school uniforms. :) I know what you're thinking.

    Click for a larger version. You know you want a larger version.
    10 August 2002 : 16.44
    Hm. Tatu: very cute Russian lesbian singers. How can this product fail to be massive in North America? Good thing that Britney retired.. she wouldn't stand a chance. The thing is, for some reason guys are really into the whole lesbian thing. But boys, "lesbian" means "not interested in you."
    That said, I can certainly understand women being into the lesbian thing, and I know quite a few who are. Personally, I can't understand what it is that women see in guys, so I don't know how any of them are straight. :)
    Having said that, their lesbianity (isn't that a good word?) is mostly just a PR image... a gimmick. Image aside (and really, it's all about the image) the music is apparently good. I'm going to see whether I can find any examples when I get home tonight.

    On the subject, it's funny... I was at a restaurant on Vancouver Island one day, and a waiter was hitting on me. So obviously that even I noticed it, and I'm really really dense about such things. He liked my wingtip Docs. :) Anyway, I mentioned it to a friend who said "Ew!"
    I said "Ew? How ew?" and they said that it was insulting to be hit on by a gay person. That kind of attitude I totally don't understand. Hell, if anything, it's more flattering to be hit on by a gay person than a straight person and I'll tell you why: when a guy hits on a girl, he knows that she might say yes, she might say no, deep down he's afraid that she'll laugh.. you know, all of those insecurities. The thing is, he can tell that she's a girl. When a guy wants to hit on a guy, he has to deal with all of that, plus he doesn't know whether the guy is gay. And suppose the guy is massively homophobic? That could mean serious injuries and things, humiliation, etc etc. So for him to take that kind of risk means that he thinks you're worth it. That's very flattering. If I were to hit on a girl, I doubt that she would beat me senseless for it, even if she weren't interested.
    Besides, gay guys are known for their excellent dress-sense, so being complimented on your shoes by one is a very good thing. :)

    In other news, check out the Date My Sister project.

    Behold! The goddess herself!
    09 August 2002 : 17.15
    My goddess has a concert coming up. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who will either want to go with me, or be able to afford to go with me. The Ladies will be there, too, along with Jann Arden, Chantal Krevi.. Chantal Kurvy.. Chantal Crumpet, and Bryan Adams. Lots of Canadian talent. :) The concert in support of the new B.C. Cancer Research Centre for the B.C. Cancer Foundation, so they get 100% of the proceeds. Yay! An uncle of mine croaked because of cancer, so I'm very much in favour. I hope that the concert is a huge success.

    Going to my mother's show tonight. It should be good. They always are. :)

    The Shadow Chronicles have been updated. Go. Read. I'm still working on a mirror for them here, but I haven't really got very far. Too busy with other things.

    Scary stuff kiddies!
    08 August 2002 : 15.23
    So, when you find a black widow spider in your basement, it's a bit scary. It's a bit more scary when she's got an egg sac. I spent part of this morning making a positive identification, and learning enough about her to a) not hurt her, and b) make certain that she is, in fact, dangerous. And she is. I'll have to evacuate her to the garden when I get home tonight. Somewhere nice and safe. After all, she's an expectant mother. Fortunately, two things: she hasn't yet changed colour to black with red accessories (Black widow fashion is so goth), and the egg sac is intact. That means that it will be a while before the eggs hatch, so I have time to find somewhere to put her. Which is good, because she can't stay in the house. I have dogs and cats who might take too much of an interest. The big worry is that she must have hatched from her own clutch of eggs, and I doubt that she travelled too far to get to my basement. So where are the rest of her hatch-mates?

    Click for a larger version.
    07 August 2002 : 19.42
    Two stories caught my eye today:
    A thirteen year old boy used a gun to hold up a news stand for porn.
    A good samaritan stopped to help at the scene of a highway accident, and someone stole his car.

    How does that expression go? Oh yes, "Only in america!"

    Click for a larger version.
    04 August 2002 : 15.02
    Not that I've seen Showgirls, of course.

    Click for a larger version.
    04 August 2002 : 13.28
    heh.. acts you're not likely to see in a Vegas show:

    It's the Spider-Man dancers, ladies and gentlemen! It's the remake of Showgirls!
    (well, the dancing is just about as good.)

    Click for a larger version.
    04 August 2002 : 12.21
    heh heh heh. Spider-man has a lot to answer for.

    When not fighting crime, Spider-Man likes to spend his time at the Blue Oyster Disco!

    Why wasn't this scene in the movie?

    In other news, a couple of people at work tried to argue that humans are not built for eating meat. Feh. Look at the teeth.. incisors and canines for tearing. Look at other animals with similar teeth, and look at their diets. Hmph. Simple biology. Besides, meat tastes good, and if you look at everything from an instinctive level, things that are immediately sensually gratifying tend to be things that are for the best. Mating, eating certain things, and so on. Keep in mind we're talking about humans in the wild, now, among other creatures in the wild. Take the intelligence out and you're left with the instincts being the only thing to tell you what to eat, what to do, and so on. Humans didn't develop as herbivores, they developed as omnivores. How is this so hard to understand?

    Not missing the psycho any more. I think it was just force of habit, more than anything. I was with her for six years, after all, and that's a long time to get used to a certain kind of physical contact. (Not that sort, you sickos.)
    I mean, even though you don't like a person, you can still miss being physically close to them, just because you've been that way for so long. Certain situations just give you that impulse to reach out and put your arm around someone, and so you miss them when they're not there. And since I was with the freak for six years, she's the one I unconsciously think of at times like that. It's habit. It's conditioning. I don't miss being with her at all.. god forbid. Eek. Six years of abuse was enough, thank you. I just miss the contact of actually being with someone. Does that make sense? If not, then screw you, hippy.

    Click for a larger version.
    04 August 2002 : 01.45
    As predicted, it was fun. Mostly. The only thing that really took away from it was the distribution of people. It went like this:
    couple, couple, couple, couple, couple, couple, me.

    We sat out in the cool night air and watched the fireworks. [sigh] As nice as the fireworks are, they're not something that should be enjoyed alone. At least, I don't think so. Couples were warmly snuggled all around me, and though I was in the middle of this kind of circle of couples, it's hard not to feel alone, you know? Don't get me wrong... I don't begrudge them their snuggling for a moment. I mean, that's what couples do, right? Fine, no problem. But you'd be amazed at how aware that makes you of your own solitude. To put it another way, it's not very often that I miss my freaky psycho ex, but tonight, I really did.

    Anyway, I'm not given to whining, so I'll shut up now. I'm going to bed. I have to get up for work in a few hours.

    Click for a larger version.
    03 August 2002 : 16.07
    Off tonight to Greg and Lauren's party thing in honour of their impending marriage. Should be fun.. there'll be people there I haven't seen in a while. Well, I wish them luck. I mean, it's fairly well known what I think of marriage, but I don't think any less of them for giving it a go. Hell, sometimes it works, and I hope that in their case it will, since it's what they want. They're both really nice people, and they deserve something that will last. Greg seems to think that I'm opposed to their marriage, but I'm not. Really, who am I to oppose something that doesn't involve me? I don't see the point of marriage, but I certainly don't oppose someone else's decision to get married. That's their choice, for better or for worse, as they say.

    Updated the Outside Voices page a bit, adding some new links to sites I hang about.

    Now, going to get ready to go.

    Please remain seated until the movie grinds to a complete halt.
    01 August 2002 : 21.44
    So, last night I watched
    I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong. Don't let the title fool you... it was actually a really bad movie. And I didn't watch the MST3K version. No, I watched the original. Maybe the xtians are right, and there is a hell, but if so, I saw that hell last night. If not for the stirring dialogue, I might not have been able to endure the movie. It was moments like this that saw me through:
    "That monster's got hold of the girl! I'm not going to just stand by and watch this!"
    "We're here to observe, not get involved in things we don't understand. Fire a warning shot."

    So Ngaire finally did the right thing and bought a new Tiburon. And ooooh... I like. :) If I didn't like my 2001 Tiburon so much I'd want one. Ok, let me rephrase. I want one, but not enough to give up my Tiburon. Not yet, anyway. She got the sexy V6. In silver.

    I got email from the admin, Intuitive Pancake. I was referred to as a militant Canadian. Hee hee! I've never been referred to as a militant anything before. Yay me!

    Why do they have to suffer because of the stupid americans?
    27 July 2002 : 17.22
    Who the fuck do the americans think they are? For the love of god, someone take their toys away from them before they do irreparable damage. And take that damned chimpanzee out of office.

    Click for a larger version.
    25 July 2002 : 18.21
    Just had a debate with someone at work about how racist Rage Against The Machine is. He said they can't be because the lead singer is black. What? So you can't discriminate on the basis of race unless you're white? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time. Discrimination on the basis of race is racism, and black people, asian people, hispanic people are just as good at it as white people. Yes, ok, so white people have been extremely racist in the past. That doesn't make this any less racist. The past is the past, people, and no one can be held responsible for the racism of their ancestors. Personally, I don't even notice races when talking to people. I certainly don't write songs about how one race has been responsible for the downfall of another. So does it make sense, then, to say that I'm racist and the guy who wrote that song is not? That's like saying that only men can be sexist. It's the spoken bit I find the most offensive.

    As for you, Mr. Rage, you can sod off, you talentless shrieking bigot.

    Oh, does that make me a racist?

    Click for a larger version.
    25 July 2002 : 15.11
    And again? Bahahahahaha!

    I have decided that I like

    Yes, you do care.

    Well, I'm sold on the Marksman alarm. It's pretty.

    Go here for the big story.
    24 July 2002 : 15.02
    Bahahaha! This is wonderful!

    I have been looking into alarms for my car. I really like the whole pager thing. I'm thinking that I might go with this one. That or the Compustar paging system.

    [sniff] I hardly knew ye.
    20 July 2002 : 21.47
    When I was involved in a minor accident yesterday that left me with cracked paint on my front bumper, misaligned headlights, and a dislocated indicator, I thought that sucked. When I came to get into my car tonight to leave work and discovered that my dashboard had been dismantled by some miserable fuck who was trying to steal my stereo, I thought that sucked even more. When I discovered that I had carelessly left my radar detector (see picture) and faceplate in my car, and that they were no longer there, I thought that sucked. But it wasn't until I found out that I have a $300 deductible, and my $300 radar detector isn't covered by my insurance that I knew what true suckage was.

    Ask me if I'm irritated.

    Go on. Ask. I dare you.

    Gimme just ten minutes alone in a room with the thieving bastard. And a baseball bat.
    You might think that the baseball bat takes all of the satisfaction out of it, but I have to give him something with which to defend himself. Grrr.

    C'est moi!
    20 July 2002 : 17.09
    So, somehow an american wandered onto my site. It's not the first time it's happened, and I'm sure it won't be the last. She was not happy. She wrote me a letter. It's lots of fun.

    Listening to Opera. Particularly, Don Giovanni. Most excellent.

    The damage to my car is almost unnoticeable if you're not looking for it. Yay!

    Click for a larger version.
    19 July 2002 : 12.50
    fuck. car accident.

    Click for a larger version.
    17 July 2002 : 16.55
    [sigh] I just had to go and ask for my first ADD indulgence at work. I've never had to ask for special treatment before.. I've always just gone along with everything, done my best, etc etc. But today, working in this call centre, trying to read and write support email with people all around me talking and typing and mouse buttons clicking and papers rustling and chairs creaking.. it's just too much. It's sensory overload. If you've seen Spider-Man, there's a scene where Peter's precognition kicks in, when the camera focuses on all of the things happening around him in minute detail, but all at once. It's like that. Every little sound, every movement.. it's overwhelming. Well, that, and claustrophobia. Like all of those senses are closing in. I can certainly understand why so many ADD people have panic attacks. Normally I need more stimulus, but today everything is too much. I've had to go upstairs to the Quiet Room several times just to get away. It's a neat idea, actually. A small room with big comfy chairs and couches and things, with a big glass barrier to wall you off from everything else, and a big window with a nice view. I feel like I'm handicapped, that I have to ask for some kind of special treatment. I feel special, but not in a good way.

    Click for a larger version.
    16 July 2002 : 12.15
    Jez has started smoking again. It's terrible, and I just don't understand it. I mean, Uberpaki quit, and then started again, countless people from work, and my own parents when they were younger have all done the same.. why? I mean, you quit. It's freakishly hard to do, and you have to go through hell to do it, but you do. You've quit. You're free of the hideous addiction that makes you reek, makes you ugly, takes your money, alienates you from non-smokers and these days, from society, and poisons you nice and slowly. You go through everything you have to go through to escape, and then when you're free and starting to recover, you go and start again. Why? Knowing what you do, knowing how horrible is the hold of the tobacco companies over you, what the hell are you thinking? Usually, it goes like this: "Oh, it's just one cigarette, just cuz everyone else is smoking. It's just one pack. I'm still a non-smoker. It's just two packs, but I'm not getting back into smoking. Hey, back off! I can smoke if I want to!" You never get over the addiction. Never. And one is all it takes to get you started again. So it goes from Just One to defensive anger because you know you've failed. Yourself, and everyone who cares about you.
    I'm always so proud of people who manage to quit, but when they go back it's just so... disappointing.

    Click for a larger version.
    14 July 2002 : 12.45
    The new Outside Voices is up. And there was much rejoicing. Content is still being added, mind you.

    Behold, the glorious Shatner hath returned. He's got a new movie, "Shoot Or Be Shot"
    How come Shatner can return but jesus can't? Just wondering.
    Because Shatner is the One True Lord! He lost his hair for our sins, ma children, and he has returned to beam us from the ship of evil down to the planet of righteousness!

    And now, to celebrate, The Dancing Shatners will perform an interpretation of our lord and saviour's first days spreading the Word:

    Sexy, no?
    13 July 2002 : 21.17
    So my friend Ngaire has decided to get a Tiburon. 1st generation, so one style older than mine, but that's not bad.. the 1st gen Tiburons are sexy machines. :)

    Listening to Great Big Sea at high volume. Yeah, I'm on another kick. It's good!
    "How did we get from sayin' 'I love you' to 'I'll see you 'round some day?'"

    The redesign of Outside Voices is finished, but I haven't stuffed the content in yet. I'll do that in a bit.

    Hmm.. once the redesigning is complete I'll have more time to actually post some content, believe it or not.

    More than meets the eye!
    12 July 2002 : 14.33
    And now, ladies and gentlemen, The coolest car in the entire history of the universe. I want!

    Gallery here.

    Mind you, it doesn't seem to have a roof. In the rainforest region of BC, that would be pretty important.

    Some day my prince will come.. but my fucking '89 Honda Civic will still need a gasket job.
    11 July 2002 : 18.34
    I relented. I let Belle out. She didn't bring anyone home. I kinda had to relent.. she won't use a litterbox, and insists on going outside.

    Renovations on the Outside Voices section procede. I should be able to upload the new page tonight. If I don't get caught up in the Neverwinter editor again. Such fun. :) I've got a couple of dragons named Hal and Mathilda Berkenstein, for example, who won't fight but they'll buy anything you care to sell. Nifty! Soon I shall build a server and allow gamers to indulge in my world.

    I've been invited to a wedding. In a church. [sigh]
    I hate weddings. The whole faerie tale thing... this is the bride's special day, when everything is about her (and him, but not so much) and there's ceremony and speeches, and flowers and tears, and their
    new life together begins... and then reality sets in and they go back to their normal life.
    Hey, Snow White, wake the fuck up.
    You're not going to live happily ever after because you still have to pay your phone bill, and get a mortgage, and go off to work every day because you know what? Life goes on. I'm not talking about marriage now, I'm talking about the wedding. You have your happy, special day, and it fills you with expectations that your life is going to be a lovely little Faerie Tale with you and Prince Charming living Happily Ever After. But, and stop me if you've heard this, it's not. It's going to be life, and that means all of the things with which you had to deal before you got married will still be there while you're busy living Happily Ever After. The expectations get so high, and for what? The added pressure that that puts on your marriage is probably enough to cut the whole thing short anyway. Why do you think that people get nervous at their wedding? Lemme put it this way: a friend of mine has a daughter who, until recently, was married. He sold his house to pay for her smegging wedding, and the marriage was over in three months. Why? It was a huge wedding, with everything that you would hope for at such an event. I think that that was part of the problem. Because when the magic wears off, the bills are still coming, and there's no castle. And as for Prince Charming... who do you think all those women have been divorcing for all these years? Every woman marries Prince Charming.
    I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was writing this, and he said he doesn't understand how I can be so happy all the time when I hate everything. You know what, though? I am happy all the time, and I think that the reason for that is that I don't have those expectations. I live in the world around me because, frankly, it's there, and whatever you do to try to hide from it, it will always be there. Sure, drug-induced states can make it seem to go away, but it comes back. You can get as high as you like, but eventually either you come back to reality, or you die. I don't drink. I don't do any drugs. I don't think I'm being judged by some superbeing who has nothing better to do than throw misfortune at me to test my faith. I don't believe that my whole purpose in life is to find that special someone and get married. I live here and now, in reality. You can't live in a Faerie Tale because sooner or later your life will turn back into a pumpkin.

    Quickly Robin! To the Batmobile!
    10 July 2002 : 16.08
    I just want to say that I have no idea what is on this site, since I found the name while I was at work and I'm not about to go there. So if the content is evil, that's hardly my fault. It could be porn, I have no idea. Go there at your own risk. I just like the name: Pumping Nuns For Jesus.
    I find that hilarious. I found it while I was looking for Divine Interventions to show to someone. Not work friendly, though.

    Project for tonight: rebuild Outside Voices so that it conforms to the Violently-Happy format.

    Oh, and look at this.

    Click for a larger version.
    09 July 2002 : 18.50
    In the time since I last updated this site, I've determined three things: 1) the little vole was a male. 2) He was very young, because he was making the ultrasonic distress call that they do. And 3) the shock to his little system was too great. He didn't make it. Meanwhile, Belle came home with another.. same breed, same age. Probably from the same litter. This one was already dead. I've buried the two of them together, and locked Belle up for the next week or so until I'm pretty sure that they've all left the nest. If any are left, that is. She'll just keep going back there if I let her out.

    I hate hunters.

    The Long-tailed Vole. Click here for more information.
    09 July 2002 : 13.02
    Last night I was talking to Jez, and we agreed that declawing cats is not good. After all, how can they scratch then? How can they defend themselves? But you know,it's hard to maintain that position on the matter when you walk into your kitchen in the morning to find your cat lazily lounging on the floor with her latest victim in front of her. Belle had brought home a little brown Long-tailed Vole. And as I started to mutter my disapproval and head over to pick up the body, it twitched. So I flung Belle across the room (onto a couch, of course. I wouldn't hurt her, even if she is a killer) and very carefully scooped the poor little guy into my hands. No reponse. He was in serious shock, with very fast breathing and heart rate, and the fur along one side of his body was wet. I kept him warm and carefully investigated the wetness to see whether it was blood, but it turned out to be cat saliva. (Belle drools a lot.) I spent the next hour cuddling him very carefully, keeping him warm and dark and still, and putting together a house for him to spend the night, with water and food and shredded paper towel. I left him buried under enough shredded paper towel to insulate him and keep him warm, but made certain that he could breathe. And when I went to check on him a little while ago, he had moved over to the water dish. I think that the porcelain was too slippery for him, though, so I've replaced it with a much more shallow plastic thing. I've also given him bread crumbs, bacon fat, and bits of green plants from outside, though I don't know what he likes. So he does appear to be recovering, and his heart rate and breathing have slowed to a more normal rate, as far as I can tell, but the serious downside is that his hind legs don't seem to be working. If his back has been broken, I can't let him go... someone will eat him within the hour, assuming that he doesn't starve first. I have no objection to keeping him, of course, but he should be out there where he's supposed to be. And I say "he" because I don't want to think of the possibility that he's a mother with a nest somewhere. I would never be able to find it to rescue the babies.

    Click for a larger version.
    06 July 2002 : 19.12
    Hehehe, doesn't this sound familiar?
    "You know you have ADD when...You drive to work one day and the surroundings start looking unfamiliar. You turn around and have drove past it by ten miles. "
    (not counting the ghastly "have drove" part, mind you.)

    Click for a larger version.
    05 July 2002 : 12.30
    So yesterday was the american independence day. The day when the americans celebrate giving up English rule. The main difference between Canada and america is that Canada remained a colony for far longer, and maintained the English governmental system, monarchy, etc. And Canada was rated best place in the world to live for seven consecutive years. That's not even the total number of years, just the consecutive ones. I tried to find some information on when america was rated number one, just for comparison. I couldn't find any. So the americans have this yearly holiday to celebrate the fact that they gave up the chance to be as good as Canada. Good cause for celebration. They actively rejected the thing that made Canada so wonderful, and ended up as a capitalist, warmongering nation hated by every other country in the world, whose own people kill and rape each other in the streets. Yay, let's celebrate that with fireworks and silly songs! Let's be proud that we're universally loathed, and the laughing stock of the entire world! Let's cheer the fact that we gave up the chance to be Canada! Please. Stupid decisions made by stupid people. Now, as a result of their independence day, they have low standards of living, low standards of learning, and no sense of the world outside their borders. Most of them can't even find Canada on a map, and we live next door! "Huh? Canada? Whut state is that in?" It's sad.. Canada and america had the same start, being English colonies. Actually, america had a better start because they were more rich with natural resources. america could have been such a wonderful country. Poor americans. They think that independence day is a good thing.

    One of the children who were wounded by the americans' precious military. The Few. The Proud. The Incompetent.
    03 July 2002 : 17.55
    Ongoing coverage of the war on terror!
    Apparently, killing four of their Canadian allies wasn't enough for the americans in their War On Terror, and that's why they bombed an Afghani wedding, killing 40 and wounding 70 more. They say it was an errant bomb. An errant, laser-guided bomb. Even CNN couldn't hide this one. More guns than braincells. More story here.
    <-- This little fella was one of the wounded. Way to go, america. No more terrorism, right?

    This whole thing was started because innocent people were killed, wasn't it? That's what makes the killers terrorists, isn't it? So what does that make the americans now?

    Click for a larger version.
    1 July 2002 : 18.07
    O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!
    From far and wide,
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. has some special articles for today, as well it should. Apparently, Canada's a great place. I could have told you that. :) Why do you think I'm here?
    We also don't want to become american, and the majority of us feel that the loudmouthed american culture is a threat to our own. We're not as pretentiously status conscious as the americans. And we're less into syrup, too, so you know where you can stick your stereotypes.

    I'm not a lumberjack, or a fur trader.
    I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dogsled
    and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada
    although I'm certain they're really really nice..
    I have a Prime Minister, not a president.
    I speak English and French, not 'american'
    And I pronounce it 'about', not 'a boot'.
    I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack
    I believe in peace keeping, not policing,
    diversity, not assimilation,
    and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal.
    A toque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch,
    and it is pronounced 'zed' not 'zee', 'zed'!
    Canada is the second largest land mass!
    The first nation of hockey!
    and the best part of North America!
    My name is Joe!
    and I Am Canadian!

    thank you.

    Show me your beaver!
    1 July 2002 : 14.23
    It's Canada day! Woo! So show me your beaver.

    Collect the new Jim Shaw action figure playset!
    30 June 2002 : 17.23
    Moving right along, in the spirit of Bush Or Chimp, Jim Shaw or Jabba The Hutt?

    Click for a larger version.
    30 June 2002 : 13.21
    This is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen on the Internet. Maybe it's because I'm reallly freaking tired.

    This one, too.

    Click for a larger version.
    29 June 2002 : 11.57
    Wow.. even the propaganda machine is reporting this incident. Incredible. has a story here.
    In case you haven't been following it, in their "War Against Terror!!!" the americans managed to drop a 500 pound bomb on their Canadian allies, killing four and seriously wounding several others. Way to strike a blow for freedom, america.

    In other news, this.

    And about the pledge thing: Satirewire.

    I've found this site, which basically explains ADD in serious layman's terms. It might be helpful for people who need to understand. I also found this site, which details the various side effects of dexedrine, which is what I take. Of the various side effects, though, I've only found that I experience weight loss, increased body temperature, and a slight dryness of the mouth, but I drink a lot of water to counter that.
    Here's another site that provides information about ADD/ADHD. Of the 14 signs listed, I qualify for all except the hyperactive ones.

    Click for a larger version.
    28 June 2002 : 15.43


    Kind of. We'll see whether anything actually gets done about this. But it's a good start that the americans actually acknowledged that it was their morons.. soldiers, sorry, that caused the disaster.

    It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!
    28 June 2002 : 14.20
    So the Doctor Who story The Key To Time is coming out on DVD in October. Woo! I'm all over that. I love Doctor Who.. it's so much better than anything else on television. It's a crime that it's no longer being made. But I'm acquiring the DVDs as fast as they come out. :) Doctor Who and anime were the reason I got my DVD player, after all.

    I really need to get going on the anti-yankee shirts. Demand continues to grow.

    Click for a larger version.
    28 June 2002 : 13.21
    Updated the atheism page again. Just because.

    Amy's heading off to the other side of the country to study French. Poor thing. She'll come back and be full of zut alors and n'est pas and Chateau Grenouille Graisseuse.

    "The French. Are you here? If you'd just like to come down here with the Germans. I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about."

    Click for a larger version.
    27 June 2002 : 15.40
    Updated the atheism section, what with all of this 'one nation under god' nonsense going on in america.

    So, Ben.. how's tricks?
    26 June 2002 : 17.44
    Odd things appear in my head.

    Vader: I've been waiting for you Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last.
    Kenobi: Yes. So.... here we are.
    Vader: Yes.
    [awkward silence.]
    Vader: So. Um. I hear you're a hermit these days?
    Kenobi: Yeah, out on Tattooine.
    Vader: Yeah, that's what I heard.
    Vader: So, how's that working out for you?
    Kenobi: oh, not bad, not bad. You know...
    Vader: yeah, well...
    [more awkward silence.]
    Vader: [cough]
    Kenobi: Yeah, well, I'd better get going. I've got to um.. it's been really good seeing you again.
    Vader: Yeah, you too, you too. Let's get together for coffee or something some time.
    Kenobi: Sure, sounds good.

    The Honda Joker. Hell yes.
    25 June 2002 : 15.24
    Ok, so the 5occ scooter isn't going to work, which means no Vino for me. I inquired today at the Yamaha and Honda showrooms, and they said that a 50cc scooter won't work for the commute to Burnaby every day, whether I take the highways or not. So I have to get the class 6 license. I can't use Simon's scooter to get it, either, so I have to actually do something about getting a vehicle before I can get the license to ride it. Hmph.

    So how about some of this action? (With a dark blue metallic paint job) Or maybe Yamaha SRX 400? Also available in violently yellow.

    Meanwhile I'm trying to track down a Honda Joker. :)

    mmm... Mountain Dew Slurpee...

    Click for a larger version.
    24 June 2002 : 23.15
    So I'm going tomorrow to find out about getting my class 6 license. Woo!

    Speaking of which, if you're going to ride something, you need the appropriate jacket. Check this out.

    Live Faust, Die Jung. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
    23 June 2002 : 19.17
    So last night was sushi night. Mmm.. the sushi! The sheer, unadulterated sushi! It was such fun.. like more than usual. Sushi night isn't just about food. It's a social thing. :)

    There's this lovely joke in my head, written by a guy in Port Coquitlam. It's been around for ages, but today I need to share it:
    Heisenberg gets stopped by a cop for speeding.
    The cop says "Do you know how fast you were going?"
    Heisenberg says "No, but I know where I am."

    ... Heisenberg? The Uncertainty Principle? Ok, never mind.

    Hungry. Hungry enough to eat food. Hungry enough to eat food that isn't sushi. I therefore eat this lovely Maple Creme Doughnut. Mmm... that's about as Canadian a doughnut as you can get. :) It's all about the Bavarian Creme, ladies and gentlemen.
    Heaven, I'm in heaven,
    and my heart beats so that I can hardly see
    But I seem to find the happiness I seek
    When I've got a maple creme inside of me.

    I love some of the Chris Rock stuff. I like his whole take on the rap culture, gangstas etc ad nauseum. So many people trying to be different, you know? If you have to try to be different, you're not different, junior. I was reading someone's site the other day who was going on about how she had to deal with her 'polyness'
    Give it a rest. Stop being so freakin' melodramatic. It's just another "Look at me! I'm Different! No one understands me!" Etc etc blah blah blah. Aw, is'm upset that she can't have two boyfwiends at once and mommy's blessing? Fuck off. That's not something that you have to deal with. 'Being poly' isn't like being gay or being white or being blonde or being female (and there's nothing wrong with any of those). You're not born that way, and you're not made that way by society.. being 'poly' means being too greedy to settle for one partner. Ok, so you don't want to live within the social mores of the society in which you live. So who does? But having more than one significant other is not who you are, it's a choice you make and if you have to Deal with it because it makes you unhappy (for whatever reason) then you've made the wrong choice. It's not like you can't change your mind. You knew the rules going in, and you know what society at large thinks of 'poly' people so if you're not happy with the life you've chosen, you've only got yourself to blame. You're not fighting for your right to be who you are, you're looking for sympathy because you've put yourself in a position that you know will not be approved. So stop whining.

    My Girl is Queer for Cat!
    She's down on the mound and sweet on the stack
    She can please the pink in five minutes flat
    And she likes it that I like it
    That she likes it like that!

    Been really into Big Rude Jake lately. That and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    Wow.. just found out that one of my esteemed co-workers used to work for the same pizza place call centre I did. And used to hang around on the same BBS's that I used to lurk about.

    how delightfully creepy. :)

    Modified the main page to include a link directly to On Atheism and MeMail, which is basically just a direct route to the Hatemail and McHappy Mail pages that everyone enjoys so much.

    When the Devil came to dinner
    Our Mum was quite impressed
    She said, "Why can't you be more like our
    Esteemed Satanic guest?"

    And he always knows just what to say
    And how exactly to behave
    And makes for such a pleasant stay
    As he plots to steal our souls away.
    And you may call it irony
    When coincidence collides
    But I've had dinner with the devil
    And I have seen the light.

    And you may call it righteousness
    When civility survives
    But I've had dinner with the devil and
    I know nice from right.

    Click for a larger version.
    21 June 2002 : 18.53
    This is such a fabulous phone. It's sweet. So many features, so many cool little extras that make it so highly nifty. No, you guys! You guys, seriously! No, seriously you guys!

    So a friend of mine has acquired a massive telly. I'm going to have to go over there, armed with Akira and Ghost In The Shell, and lose myself in widescreen High Def bliss.

    Even in my light, spiffy new microfibre shirt, I'm freaking hot over here! Oy.. I'm built for cold, not warmth. Praise Allah for air conditioning in my car, that's all I've got to say. I'll be exposed to the evil sun all the way home.

    Sushi tomorrow with Tracey and Glen. Yum. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I do love my sushi. :) Jez says I'm going to turn into a tuna.

    Gotta go. Later.

    Click for a larger version.
    20 June 2002 : 15.42
    Whew. Much better. I was wearing a waffled cotton longsleeved shirt today, and it's 21°! I bought a light microfibre button shirt which is so much cooler.

    So Futureshop has taken to putting signs in their windows that say "Proudly Canadian"
    Lying bastards. They're american now.

    My 8390 has arrived. Yay me! Now I just need one of these to go with it.

    Click for a larger version.
    20 June 2002 : 12.39
    So people want t-shirts with the Please Curb Your Dogma logo. Woo! I'll have to start taking orders and get some printed. It would make a good bumpersticker, too.

    Put up the Friendly Fire section. And the Star Wars section.

    The management thanks you.
    19 June 2002 : 19.19
    New page again. The last one was taking too long to load.

    Heh, Ngaire at work is just as anti-american as I am. She wants to get a gun and defend the border herself, she said. :) This can only be good. If america is so great, why do the nasty little americans keep coming to Canada?

    Ok, back to work.

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