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My dear friend Tristan Risk
Caution: site is probably not safe for work.

Jozi Jozi Jozi. She's highly nifty.Alyssa's Zen Garden of Peace and Tranquility. So there.



She's delightful... sharp, witty, evil, intelligent (almost frighteningly so), cute, secretive, sweet (in an evil kind of way), funny, cultured, and she has great taste... she's just fascinating.

The God Complex.

Here comes the little Tommy aeroplane! Come on eat yer oatmeal!

Glen. Freak.

Yes, here she is. It's Tracey, ladies and gentlemen.
Greg's blog, powered by self interest.

Out For A Buck players. They make you laugh.

Uberpaki.com. Formerly a supervisor at work,
now just a big hairy weirdo. Feel the love.

Unfortunately, the site seems to have gone away, but I'm keeping the link here anyway because the picture is so terrifying.

Shinjuku Station

I've come to the conclusion that not enough of my friends have sites. If you're a friend of mine (and you know who you are), get a site dammit! And if you're a friend of mine and you do have a website, lemme know.

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