Links to people's sites whose stuff isn't mine, but who have won, or are going to win, the (Official)
Wildsong Award For Most Gratuitous Use Of The Word ' Fuck ' On A Serious Website.



She's delightful... sharp, witty, evil, intelligent (almost frighteningly so), cute, secretive, sweet (in an evil kind of way), funny, cultured, and she has great taste... she's just fascinating.

My new favourite person online, just because she seems like a such a kewl kind of freak. Jenn, from JenniCam Well, she was the kewlest person online (at least I thought so) until she stole some other poor girl's fiance ('Two Minute' Dex). And then boinked him on webcam. SO wrong. The link stays on here because frankly I like the picture. No other reason. But now it points to her email address... [shrug] whatever.

Here comes the little Tommy aeroplane! Come on eat yer oatmeal!

Yes. It's

The Church.. The Church of Elvis.

Lith's Extrordinary Doctor Who Page.. Check out her art.. WOW!

The God Complex. (Herein preserved that the web might be a better place.)

The First National Church of Shatnerology.

The Second National Church of Shatnerology.

If you're into anime, you have to check out The Anime Marriage Prospects Page. It's very funny.

Sometimes, don't we all need an iBrator? Well ok, I don't, but if you do, go here.

Another brilliant take on the iBratorconcept.

Asia Carrera's XXX Homemade Homepage. Asia is very kewl. Check her out. Of course, she does have a better computer than me, so she can only be so kewl...

Vogon Heavy Industries. Service With A Smile.

My first computer was a Vic 20, and the Vic 20 Unofficial Homepage serves as a fitting tribute to the old thing, may she rest in peace.

I Like Toast.

Check this out. The SubGenius Police, Usenet Tactical Unit (Mobile)

Unfortunately, Find The Pope In The Porsche seems to have disappeared. I'll leave this here in case it resurfaces somewhere.

For My Tech-Support Siblings, Behold! A Page Solely For Us!

One of my favourites... Fade To Black.

Play Find The Spam

The Bastard Operator From Hell, Complete WWW Edition. I wanna be him if I grow up.

Never try to arcweld your sister.

Pamela Anderson Lee's Breasts As A Function Of Time

And now

Don't Panic The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Don't Panic
(The Online Edition of the Guide. Unofficial.)
Not to mention
The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Earth Edition
(the Official Hitch-Hiker's Guide site. This is the real thing, my friends.)

After everything that Hef has done for sexual liberation, freedom from repression and censorship and so on, I think he deserves a link. It's the least I can do.. a quantity I specialize in. This is

This is where I get all of my swords and kewl stuph like that. Museum Replicas

And here... The Swordmark Company.

You have to check out The Misanthropic Bitch. This is a person whose views I respect.

David J. Howe is a Doctor Who historian and reference book author.

BuggerBe steel, ma cheeldreyan! An' tunn away, tunn awaaaaaay from the foces of the Gates!
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