Yeah, yeah. There isn't much here. Shut your face. I'll add more as I feel like it.


He's my brother. He's a brilliant stand-up comic.
These pictures were taken by the D. Leif Miltenberger, the photographer. They were taken of Simon doing his act. He looks like a freak, but that's only because he is one.


Essentially, I have a new digital camera and I took it to work. Exciting stuff, I know. Try to contain yourselves.
Exotic Burnaby, BC as seen from my window at work. the towers. I work in the left one.


My infamous brother on his infamous scooter riding through infamous Vancouver. Pictures again by the D. Leif Miltenberger.

Scooter Day

We went out and rented some scooters, and had Scooter Day which involved a day of scooting about in Vancouver. It was a lot of fun. :) There are pictures, but only really from one stop that we made. As per usual, images courtesy of D. Leif Miltenberger, since he's so much better at taking pictures than I.


Pictures taken the day I got my Tiburon.

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